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How to Start a Bookie Business in India

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How to become an agent

If you are considering opening your own operation, odds are you know people who play on sports. Some of them are probably looking for a new outlet.

How to Start a Bookie Business in India

There are multiple ways a bookie can launch an online sportsbook.

You could develop software in-house, lease software and data feeds (betting odds) or you can use a service like ours, which is completely turnkey and packed with the features bookies require.

We’re a service catering to bookies in India. Our service is called a “pay per head” (PPH) service.

We provide bookies in India with the software, support and expertise to launch an online bookie on a bootstrap budget. We only charge $10/head (a weekly fee paid for each active bettor on your list).

So, what features are included in our online bookie software package?

Online Bookie Service Features

Here are the features we include, which you’ll gain access to when you become a bookie:

1. Bookie Software Suite

2. Custom Website

3. Call Center (24/7)

4. Odds Management

5. Accounting (Reports)

6. Reliability (Safe and Secure)

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Join today and we’ll onboard you instantly. There’s no waiting time. We even have a free trial, so you can try our online bookie service risk-free to determine if this business is for you.

We handle nearly everything.

These are the two main things that you’ll need to handle, though:

• Marketing:

Your #1 job is to find players that want to bet on sports/horses, play poker or play real money casino games. You need players in order to make any money.

• Collecting Money:

We don’t handle the money, that’s entirely up to you and that’s the way bookies like it. You control all of the money and need to handle the collection of money.


We want to help you get rich as a bookie in India. Contact us to learn more!

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