Cost of Starting a Bookie in India

Starting a sattebaj in India is extremely inexpensive with our service. As mentioned previously, we simply charge a flat rate each week per active bettor. The rest of the profits you make are yours to keep. We don’t even deal with the money, that’s all up to you. You simply need to pay us the weekly fee for our service. There are no hidden fees or commissions (revenue sharing). Whatever you make after the low weekly fee is all profit. We already have clients in India earning more than 1 crore rupees annually.

Tips for Collecting Money as a Sattebaj

As a bookie, you need to collect weekly from your players if you’re offering them credit. Offering credit means you allow your players to wager up to X amount weekly. Once a week on collection day, you’ll either collect what the player lost or payout what the player won. Alternatively, you can have players post-up, which means they deposit money before betting. Either way, you need a safe way to collect money as a sattebaj. One of the most common ways to get into trouble is by leaving a paper trail that the authorities can easily follow. One important rule to always remember as a bookie is that a player may be your friend today, but anything can happen to relationships and that same player could become a foe in the future. The less your players know about your actual business the better. With that being said, it’s always ideal to deal in cash or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin). Bitcoin (BTC) is now becoming mainstream among online gamblers and most bettors will use it. There’s no paper trail to worry about when dealing with cash or cryptocurrencies. Popular payment platforms in India include PayPal, PayTM, NetBanking, MobiKwik and PhonePe, but when you use these you may be leaving a trail that could put you in a bad situation at some point.

Tips for Marketing Your Sattebaj

You want to keep a low profile as a bookie in India. Ideally, you want to grow organically through local contacts. If you have a few trustworthy friends to help you promote the website, you’ll be making money as a sattebaj in no time. Once you start paying out some winners, word will travel extremely fast. This is the fastest way to grow as a fixer, so make sure you have money to payout winners as soon as they want paid. With millions of Indians on social media, make sure you utilize the free marketing methods.

Now is the Perfect Time to Start a New Career as a Bookie

The size of the gambling market is huge in India and extremely lucrative. That’s why international brands like Bet365 accept rupees and promote heavily in the country. When you partner with us, you’ll be able to compete with the big industry players like Bet365. Sports betting is already huge in India and the growth isn’t subsiding. Research reports estimate that the real money gambling industry is growing at 20% annually in India. Spend some time reading through the rest of our guides to find out how we can help you grow into India’s next biggest sattebaj. Let’s work together and make some money off sports betting in India.