How to Start a Bookie Business in India

There are multiple ways a bookie can launch an online sportsbook.

You could develop software in-house, lease software and data feeds (betting odds) or you can use a service like ours, which is completely turnkey and packed with the features bookies require.

We’re a service catering to bookies in India. Our service is called a “pay per head” (PPH) service.

We provide bookies in India with the software, support and expertise to launch an online bookie on a bootstrap budget. We only charge $10/head (a weekly fee paid for each active bettor on your list).

So, what features are included in our online bookie software package?

Online Bookie Service Features

Here are the features we include, which you’ll gain access to when you become a bookie:

1. Bookie Software Suite

You need the necessary software to run an online sportsbook.

Our software features a sportsbook, racebook, casino and poker room. This will allow you to cross promote the different products to increase the revenue you earn on each player.

The sportsbook has a huge betting board with a lot of bet types.

Your players will be able to bet on popular sports in India, including lots of cricket leagues. They’ll also be able to bet on international sports, including the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.

The football (soccer) coverage we have is massive as well. Bet on all of the top leagues from around the world, including the English Premier League, Indian Super League and many more.

In total, your players will be able to bet on 100+ sports leagues and 80+ horse racing tracks.

2. Custom Website

Our team can design a custom website based on your specifications or you can use a template.

If you’re on a limited budget, our template designs are free to use and look great, while remaining functional for your players. Your website is where your players will go to place wagers.

3. Call Center (24/7)

We also run a 24/7 call center, allowing your players to place bets over the phone. As long as your players have a mobile phone they can call the toll-free number to place a bet.

They simply provide log-in credentials to our English-speaking clerks and then place their bets.

This will give you a huge edge over your competition in India, as your players don’t need internet access to place bets. Make sure you market this feature to your players.

4. Odds Management

Our experts manage the betting odds 24/7, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

We have a team of experienced oddsmakers watching the overall betting market every second of the day. If there’s a move in the market, our team will be on top of it and update the odds.

A lot of bookie services like ours will simply lease an odds feed, but we hire in-house experts as well.

5. Accounting (Reports)

Track every wager down to the dollar using our real-time reporting features.

Our clients have access to all of the data they need to complete their accounting, but bookies need to also utilize the data to find out where they’re making/losing money.

The reports are one of our most valuable bookie tools, even though they often get overlooked.

Track your risk exposure, profits/losses, player/agent performance and more in real-time. We even have a live bet ticker and offer the ability to set-up wager alerts (email).

6. Reliability (Safe and Secure)

We’ve been in the bookie business for decades and have the expertise to help you succeed.

Not only that, but we’re reliable. We’re not some fly-by-night operation. We have a full in-house team that ensures your players and your experience using our service will be memorable.

Never worry about your bookie website going down, as we use the best technology and security features. Our servers run extremely well in India, so there are no performance issues to worry about.

Sign-Up Today to Become a Bookie in India

Join today and we’ll onboard you instantly. There’s no waiting time. We even have a free trial, so you can try our online bookie service risk-free to determine if this business is for you.

We handle nearly everything.

These are the two main things that you’ll need to handle, though:

• Marketing: Your #1 job is to find players that want to bet on sports/horses, play poker or play real money casino games. You need players in order to make any money.

The more players you have on your betting sheet, the more money you’ll make long-term.

We’ll share marketing tips and promotion ideas in future guides.

• Collecting Money: We don’t handle the money, that’s entirely up to you and that’s the way bookies like it. You control all of the money and need to handle the collection of money.

Here are the two ways it can work.

If a player makes a deposit with you (pays you money upfront), you can add that amount to the player’s account and they can begin gambling on your website.

The more common way is to issue your players credit, which is why it’s important to trust them. If the player loses the credit you have given them, they have to pay you that amount.

Typically, a bookie will have one day a week to collect from losers and one day to pay winners.

Starting a bookie with us couldn’t be easier or more affordable.

We want to help you get rich as a bookie in India. Contact us to learn more!