The Life of a Fixer in India

A fixer (also known as a sattebaj or bookie) is a growing profession throughout India.

Have you read the countless stories in newspapers and online media about fixers in India going from “rags to riches”? Often these stories end badly for the fixer.

It’s illegal to operate as a fixer in India, yet it’s not illegal for online bookies to operate within the country. We offer Indians the ability to launch an offshore real money gambling website.

The players you recruit to gamble on your website will be able to wager 24/7 on sports, horses, casino games and/or poker games on a computer (PC/laptop), tablet or mobile device.

Typical Day in the Life of an Indian Fixer

The majority of fixers are small-time players that carve out enough profits to live comfortably, but some of the biggest fixers with agents working for them live lavish upscale lifestyles.

One problem with the fixer industry in India is the lack of technology utilized.

Most fixers in India use their mobile phone and paper/pen to track wagers. A bettor will call the fixer and place a bet, but this has become a huge problem in India.

Why? Well, the authorities are tracking phones of suspected fixers.

How do fixers in India avoid the law? Based on stories directly from fixers, they spend time in the many private clubs throughout India where hundreds of locals are betting on sports.

Trying to track a hundred mobile phones is more difficult than tracking one, so staying in areas where there are other sports bettors and bookies operating is the smartest strategy.

Don’t forget to change your SIM card frequently as well if you use your phone regularly.

One area where fixers in India outperform other countries is the cooperation among themselves.

Here’s what a typical day may look like for an Indian fixer:

  • Clients Call in Wagers: The fixer wakes up and will track the bets that his players are making. Most fixers will accept wagers on mobile devices or in-person.
  • Balancing the Action: A small fixer may not have the funds to payout a big bet. So, what does that fixer need to do? They need to go to the fixer above them to lay off some action.

The big fixers in India will gladly take the big bets from small fixers and pay them a commission.

If you know you aren’t bankrolled to handle a new player, don’t. Reach out to a fixer in your city with a bigger betting sheet and offer them the action for a small commission (2%-3%).

This is common with fixers throughout India. You’ll get to know them quickly once you start hanging out at the private clubs where the rest of the fixers spend most of their time.

Gain an Edge By Utilizing Technology

When you partner with us, you’re going to have the edge on most fixers where you live.

You’ll have state-of-the-art technology to run your fixer business online. Your players will no longer need to call you to place bets, which not only saves you time, but is way safer.

Authorities can’t track your mobile phone when you don’t need to use it, right?

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a fixer using our software:

  • Software: Your players will be able to sign-in to your website on a computer or mobile device and place bets 24/7 on thousands of different betting markets.

This will also increase the turnover of your players. A player may call in a bet or two on the phone, but it’s a lot easier to make multiple bets online without having to talk to anyone.

Your players will also be able to analyze all of the betting markets. They may find some markets they didn’t even know they could bet on previously, which will increase turnover.

  • Call Center: Your players will still be able to call in wagers if they prefer, but they won’t need to bug you. We operate a 24/7 call center with English-speaking reps for our fixer clients.
  • Data Tracking: Fixers can track every single wager placed by every single player using the detailed reporting features we provide from the admin panel of our fixer software.
  • Security: By performing everything online through us, authorities won’t be able to track your offshore business. The extra layer of security we provide fixers is a big selling point in India.

Make your life as a fixer easier and safer by partnering with us to run your business.